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Morey's West Coast Adventures - Training Aircraft


The latest addition to our program is a 2015 Cessna Corvalis TTx. This aircraft is certified to 25,000 feet and has FIKI anti-icing protection. The Corvalis is scheduled for pilots seeking advanced training in this very “High Performance” aircraft with its G2000 flight deck and touchpad programming.

Garmin G2000 Flight Deck with Garmin GTC 570 Touchpad Controller plus:

  • FIKI anti-ice protection
  • Synthetic Vision Technology
  • Safetaxi Electronic Airport Diagrams
  • Garmin TAS Traffic Advisory Service
  • TAWS-B Terrain and Obstruction Awareness
  • GDL-69 Data link with XM Weather and Radio
  • Garmin GFC700 Autopilot
  • Bose noise canceling headsets


Our “Work Horse” plane is the Cessna Turbo 182 Skylane. The Turbo Skylane gives us the performance needed in the mountainous areas and together with the optional Mountain High pulse oxygen system provides the altitude capability to climb above the icing we encounter during the winter months. It incorporates the Garmin G1000/GFC700 glass panel. In this rapidly changing world of avionics, it is important to us that we keep up with the advances in technology as new equipment comes along. This is the reason we only teach in Garmin equipped glass cockpit aircraft. One of Field's strong beliefs is that when you are operating as a single pilot in the weather, you must have a capable 3-axis autopilot. Our aircraft offer the very latest in technology, safety and comfort.

Garmin G1000 instrument panel with Garmin "Synthetic Vision Technology" plus:

  • Enhanced Vision System (EVS) for night time operation
  • Safetaxi Electronic Airport Diagrams
  • Honeywell TAS Traffic Advisory System
  • TAWS-B Terrain and Obstruction Data
  • GDL-69 Datalink with XM Weather and Radio
  • Garmin GFC700 Autopilot
  • Bose noise canceling headsets